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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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things. what did you show up for? >> i was looking for a laptop for my wife. they didn't have it in stock. >> buy anything? >> no. i try to get a tv. she has the last word. >> they got good deals on the tv's. >> they do. i was tempted. i try to get it through here. tomas they have ever's that are bigger than me for they have tablets and you name it. they are they canning them out. we were here when the doors opened. best buy made it a tradition to open at 50:00 p.m. on thanksgiving -- 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. we were here when they opened. i have been in other years when the stampede was more people. the crowds have been growing since the doors opened. a lot of people knew just where they were heading. they scouted out the best buy first. they went to the big screen
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them quickly. as we come back out live the best buy is going to be open until 1:00 tonight. he's close to close, i won't be open all night long. they will open again in the morning. the clouds will continue in years past. folks buy things like the laptops here that are being discounted for hundreds of dollars on thanksgiving day. for black friday, even though it's thursday. reporting live inside to the best buy in alexandria. i'm tom roussey. abc7 a sur praising number of stores open today. grocery stores stayed open until late in afternoon for cooks that needed last-minute items. big lot and ca-mart have been open all day long. for the stores tonight with the hours head to what can people going out tonight expect for the weather? meteorologist brian van de graaff has the rest of the forecast. brian: it's not bad.
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get out and walk. walk to the outlet malls outdoors. a lot of the places are not enclosed but temperatures are in the 40's this evening. probably 30's in burbs but not a night that features sub freezing temperatures. rebuffed, we had breaks in the clouds and we got sunshine here and there. for the weekend we are back to sunshine. it will be the friday morning forecast. good for the friday morning and the afternoon. a couple of sprinkles after dark until 10:00 or 11:00. the weekend is calm and breezy but cooler despite the sunshine. more on the next ten days in a bit. >> see you then. now a developing story in central america, 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the country. there are no immediate report of the serious damage or
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been issued for el a va dore and the pacific coast of nicaragua. the quake came as hurricane otto made landfall on the caribbean coast. category two storm is the southern most hurricane on record to hit central america. it's moving over an area sparsely populated. the storm is blamed for three deaths in panama. virginia woman is in the hospital tonight after her son accidentally started a fire in thei according to investigators. they say the 15-year-old was flicking his cigarette lighter talking on the phone. once he hung up the phone he tossed that hot lighter on to his mattress. i set it on fire. woman was flown to med star hospital washington center with the burns and the injuries are said non-life threatening. today's considered one of the most dangerous days of the year in the kitchen. this is why. nationwide insurance companies say they get double the number
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compared to any other day of the year. that can keep the firefighterss have busy. kevin lewis spent the day with the firefighters in silver spring. all quiet now? kevin: steady and smooth today. this fire house that runs an ambulance, ladder truck an engine truck averaging 15 calls per day. so for a today the station only responded to one minor fire call. >> on the inside, thanksgiving at fire station 16 in silver spring four corners neighborhood. quite similar to your home. >> all devoured at the kitchen table. but a piercing alarm for a reported kitchen fire in a third floor apartment.
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figurative back burner. firefighters, lights flashing and the sirens blaring navigate roadways in the race against the clock. >> light gray smoke. the only recommend nant of the panic when the 9/11 call -- 911 call first placed. thanksgiving generates more cooking fires than any other two primary causes inexperienced cooks and too many dish broiling and baking at the same time. >> well, turkey and the fixings hit the table 30 minutes ago. this shift will continue working until early tomorrow morning in time for the black friday shopping. if the guys so choose. we are live in silver spring, kevin lewis, abc7 news.
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imagine. leaves are beautiful to watch. fun for the kids to play in. a suspected arsonist in montgomery county using them to fuel fires. this week the fires are reported at a home under construction near the elementary school. no one has been hurt. police have not made arrests. still ahead at 6:00, president obama spent part of his thanksgiving day calling americans serving overseas. looked like. a couple of foods may surprise you for a first family known for healthy eating. >> rents for $6,000 a month. neighbors say the vice president-elect mike pence just moved in. i'm chris papst. coming up we knock on the door. we'll take you inside. kimberly: first, the extraordinary measures taken to ensure that an american tradition would be as safe as
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. kimberly: time of our times. increased security accompany balloons and the floats at the thanksgiving dale parade. in addition to more than 80
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there were 3,000 police officers along the route. earlier this month, isis propaganda called the parade a target and prompting a warning from the f.b.i. authorities say there were no credible threats against the parade and almost everything went off without a hitch. the man who plotted to attack the capitol in the president obama "state of the union" address tried to incite he was arrested in january of 2015 in a parking lot outside of a gun shoppe in suburban cincinnati. he pleaded guilty to attempted murder of u.s. officials and employees and jailed ever since. paperwork ahead of the sentencing hearing he has been urging people to commit violence in support of isis. police arrested a maryland man for allegedly making a threat on board an airplane. southwest plane about to leave
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when it returned to the gate. passengers say he was going to blow up the plane. no explosives were found on the plane. shaw is held in oakland tonight. next at 6:00, a look inside the home that vice president-elect mike pence will call home until inauguration day. we had mild weather for thanksgiving. but which of those heading out in the dak of night exp
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kimberly: president-elect donald trump is working hard this thanksgiving to get carrier a.c. company to stay in the u.s. carrier has previously planned to move about 1,400 jobs from indiana to mexico. trump's tweet comes as he spends the holiday at ace estate in palm beach, florida. that has prompted extra security on land and on water. president-elect has no military experience and he
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the same briefings that president obama receives every day. the "washington post" reports since the election trump received just two national security updates. that is far fewer than the pred sessors had received -- predecessors received by this time. vice presidential mike pence receives the briefing daily. the briefings for mike pence will happen not far from his new home. that is because the v.p. elect rented a house in chevy chase before moving to the number one observatory circle. residence. chris papst went to find out what pence's soon to be neighbors think about the move. chris: no one was home when "7 on your side" knocked on vice president-elect mike pence's new home in northwest d.c. neighbors with the emergency no parking signs say he moved in a few days ago. >> it's a busy place. monday night and tuesday morning. busy place. >> when joanne pratt came home
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cars. she had nowhere to park and she didn't know why. she found out why. >> my husband geez to the window and he sees mike pence walking from the front door to big vehicle. >> that's exciting. >> pence serving out his term as the governor before the inauguration on january 20 and also the head of president-elect trump transition team. so he will find a good amount of time in the 1937 ho these are the pictures on zillo. now that he is living here, pratt will invite the new neighbor over for dinner.
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much. >> we want to be neighborly regardless of the beliefs. kimberly: before sitting down with the families for dinner, hundreds of volunteers had thanksgiving in arlington. the knight of columbus has turkey and the fixing with the meals on wheels. they have been doing this years. the first responders with the holiday protecting others didn't skip a hot meal because of this. cooking up 20 turkeys and the side. this is thanksgiving on the mayflower. we are getting a glimpse of
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the hors d'oeuvres look like football fare. b.m.t.'s. pizza bites. crab cakes. pigs in a blanket. want to go? larry: i do. kimberly: the main course, four meat selections. turkey, ham, prime rib and chicken wings. sides too much but stuffing, mack 'n' cheese, greens, and mashed potatoes. there are six pies. it's not listed but you can bet there is whipped cream to go with all of i heard brian van de graaff talking about a 30-pound turkey. how long does it cook? brianne: put it in the oven at 11:00 this morning and expecting to eat at 7:00. 7:30. it took several of us to put it in the oven. it's massive. bring in leftovers tomorrow.
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turkey doing the weather. we will be in the upper 50's for afternoon high. after 4:00 or 6:00 there will a couple of showers. heading through saturday and sunday the drops will drop in 50's. if the high today we got to 57 downtown. mid-60's in fredericksburg to culpeper. it's 55 in leesburg. through the night we will have the clouds around.
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that could creep in the mix. there is nothing too widespread or too heavy for us. now by sunday if you are making the travel home, northeast corridor from new york, boston ; philly. sunny and dry. sunny and dry from chicago and detroit. no winter weather woes. shower action from the dallas, unsettled in denver as well. l.a. could be wet for the sunday flight home if you are traveling across the coast. let's talk about the forecast. on the big savings night. hopefully save must have been. 50's slip in 40's tonight. mild tomorrow despite clouds. everything showers tomorrow. notice how the temperatures
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have the dry weather going for us. we wrap up november and the temperatures will climb. late tuesday and wednesday ahead of the cold front. the showers could develop. we could make a run for mid-to-upper 60's. 10 to 15 degrees where we should be. before the temperatures level back out on thursday. kimberly: i'm going to start something. i'm wearing bargendy and someone else is weary blue. >> happy thanksgiving to you! kimb >> redskins-cowboys with a big game. the redskins-cowboys game might be going on. but there was a great nfl action from today. take you to the motor city. lions and vikings. we will tell you which team celebrated with a big win.
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i'm not an expert in the kitchen but according to the in-depth research, my wife, it takes 18 hours to prepare a big thanksgiving dinner. finish your plate when dinner is serves. 12 minutes. halftime of a football game also takes 12 minutes. this is not a coincidence, my friends. thanksgiving and football goes hand in hand. n.f.c. north showdown. lions hosting minnesota.
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they pick it off. lifions in a great position with 30 seconds to play. then matt prater from 40 yards out. this is for the victory. yes, they are a winner. winner, winner, turkey dinner. lions win this one 16-13. we know for the thanksgiving dinner redskins-cowboys game is the main course. but the appetizer was the turkey bowl. great matchup between h.d. warriors going for the fourth straight turkey bowl win mile the tigers are attempting to win the first dci a.a. title since 1991. wilson answers here following a warrior score. you want to look at this. in the hands of coleman. score. woodson knocking on the doorstep. boykin with a catch. the warriors are up 22-13.
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22-20. tigers with the last chance. fourth down and savoy's pass is out of reach for coleman. that will do it. jubilation on the warrior's sideline. 22-20 the final score. woodson wins the fourth straight turkey bowl. >> on the road, that's why i'm crying and so emotional now. i helped th championship. four on the road. next year we will make history. i promise. larry: congrats to them. a job well done. a score update from dallas and the cowboys redskins game, the second half just started in the third quarter. dallas is leading 17-6. we have highlights later tonight at 11:00.
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tonight, we're tracking several holiday storms. the trouble in the west. and the what saturday in the east. icy rain and snow fueling what could turn into a travel disaster. breaking news. found alive. the supermom who vanished while jogging three weeks ago, discovered safe. now, with her husband. tonight, new questions about how she disappeared. rudy versus romney. the battle within the trump transition team. who to name as secretary of state. the revealing tweet from a top trump adviser. ambush. the lone police officer making a traffic stop when a fugitive jumps out of the trunk. this comes after a week of attacks on police officers. and the best deal. on the eve of black friday,


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